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by Bitforce

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Wildfire Fox 03:25
Gjallarhorn 03:03
This is a tale That travels through time and space A story to regale They wake up in a bizarre place A world filled with untold mysteries Creatures, mythical in nature A forest of enchanted whispers A mountain as far as high So follow to the trail These warriors in enchantment transit They've gone beyond the vale These warriors filled with choice and chances So among their travels There are trials and tribbles Victorious in their battles Feel out of place themselves The land is ever changing now Learn the lessons of the past courageous above it all So follow to the grail These warriors in enchantment transit They've gone beyond the vale Their life filled with choice and chances
Hey, thought I was fly back in '08 Thought I could touch the sky, life was so great But oh wait, thought I had an opening Crash landed lost friends wound up with broken wings What for? Man, I'm not even sure Maybe I was in the way couldn't see the door Lose/lose either or couldn't see before But I knew a loss was needed for me to soar Back when I was chewing Flintstones vitamins Mom told me if you fall then you try again When doubt shows up at the door you can hide on the floor But do not invite him in Sometimes it's more luck and it's less heart A reset might just need a fresh start Be prepared for the win when the rest starts But before that, gotta press start So you wanna be a hero but your credit is zero You better play from the heart, but first you gotta press start Yeah, I used to plan and then over plan Took me years tryna cram but I over stand You can have everything laid out but the game plays out crazy Then it's over, man Sometimes life's just like a cartridge Hit a glitch don't be scared to restart it Might blow but you'll never know till you dust it off Find the heart to just give it another go When it's hard we pretend to be hard Listen up when I give you these bars Get the picture? When you change the frame, if you stay the same You can save the game without a memory card And anything you ever do you best do it to win Sometimes the hardest thing to do is begin Don't want it though, don't start nothing, but if you really want it Press that start button One player: you're on your own You control the pace and how far you go Two players: versus or co-op Only one wins or we both make it to the top Three players: it's a party now Don't know how to play? I can show you how Four players or more: let's settle the score We'll get to levels that we've never seen before. C'mon! Press start to continue! You have the strength within you!
This story starts in an unknown existence Just a bright light and a bursting of wind (My) mind struggles to gain a grasp on reality but I'm falling through the clouds I can see the ground and I think... Am I dead or In the midst of a dream I fear? Is this hell? Then I wake, my ceiling is there A great breath of air A frightening dream to be sure But nothing like what I have in store There's no way I could have foreseen Taking the nap that would change me Composing myself, it dawns The smell of flesh and burning lawns The yelling and crying for help that for certain Will never come My brother stumbles, gasping for air "Go seek the Elder, he's hiding out there. There's more to our story, we never told you Revenge must wait, you'll know what to do.” I gathered myself and made my way As the sun set, the brimstone rose Walking past corpses of former friends The elder sees me and passes the word "Make your way through the complex emotions, Find those who can help you, The Bitforce is the power to avenge us If you can create a tune." Unsure of the words that were bestowed on me I found a blade for strength And set myself on the path for the force Though revenge is all I seek Be stronger than rage
Gather around all young and old, This is a tale that must be told The first step to reach the stars is a step you should follow Stand tall, align your arms, now roll your shoulders back Set your body, set your mind and you are ready to attack Your raging soul must burn evermore Use every ounce of conviction and bore Your feet into the earth, it’s now or never There’s no turning back YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA TRUST THE POWER OF THE POSE STRIKE UP A POSE SO ALL YOUR ENEMIES WILL KNOW THAT YOU'RE PREPARED TO STAND AND FIGHT ALL THOSE WHO STAND TO OPPOSE YOUR MIGHT WON'T BE ENOUGH ALONE PROJECT YOUR POWER OF YOUR WILL ONTO THE FIGHT EMBOLDENING ALL THOSE WHO WITNESS ITS GREAT LIGHT CHIN UP CUZ NOW ITS TIME TO STAND YOUR GROUND ITS THE FINAL SHOWDOWN NOW GRIT THOSE TEETH AND HERE WE GO. Stand up tall, Don’t back down It’s time now, show them how Pierce the heavens with your drill Time stands still, Grit those teeth and power through Trust in me, Trust yourself Fight like hell, time will tell If your will is strong enough Then strut your stuff, Right now is all we have YOU'VE FOUGHT WELL THUS FAR ITS TIME TO REACH FOR THE STARS AND USE THE POWER OF THE POSE Chin up, Eyes up Rise up, Vibes up And you’ll go down in history STRIKE A POSE Set the intent Before the ascent And you’re on the road to victory Know your worth Know your might Know you can succeed Hold your stance Hold your ground Hold onto destiny


released December 11, 2020

Produced by Bitforce.
Mixed and Mastered by Josh Lopez at Widowmaker Studios.


all rights reserved



Bitforce San Antonio, Texas

Cartoons, video games, anime, nothing is off limits for the musical stylings of Bitforce. These warriors don light-up armor and use their music to go to war with a multiverse of villains. Join the fight to defend Earth from the evil forces. Lend them your strength! Join the Bitforce! ... more

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